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Talk yourself into a changed life!


The Ziglar Self-talk Card


We all talk to ourselves, so why not just go ahead and admit it!

Sometimes we do it out loud, sometimes in our heads. The question is,

what are we saying to ourselves? This is a very important question,

because our input affects our outlook, our outlook affects our output,

and our output can affect our very destiny! As Zig used to say, "If you

put the good stuff in,  you'll get the good stuff out!" So why not enthusiastically claim all the good qualities you want to develop? 

The self-talk card comes with easy to follow instructions for daily

use. In 2-3 weeks you'll see your attitude and self-image improve,

and when that happens you'll begin to see and accomplish

new and greater things in your life. 


Why not click on the self-talk button below, and get

started on this life-changing procedure today! *

* I could tell you stories of people whose lives have been dramatically changed because of the self-talk card. In fact, if you call me at 704-619-3751, I will!

“The self-talk card is making a huge difference for me. When I use the card both morning and evening I feel more confident and live with greater integrity and intentionality. When I skip the card for a day or two I feel the difference and wonder why I'm more distractible and discouraged. Then I realize - Oh yeah! I haven't been doing my self-talk! Time to get going again.”

Ryan Ashlock, Pastor,

Charlotte, NC

"On days when I want to collapse into my bed from exhaustion, the self-talk has helped remind me that tomorrow will be better and I am able to sleep better at night. The same goes for in the morning. Most weekday mornings I tutor foreign students, so I have to do the self-talk after my session. If the session has been discouraging, this helps my outlook stay positive for the rest of the day." 

High School Student,

North Carolina

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