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Relationships are extremely important. How well you get along with your boss, your customers, your friends and your family members can determine the accomplishments you achieve in life.


If you can build winning relationships, then you will have taken a huge step towards the success in life that you seek. A balanced life requires relationships with other people. Learning how to build winning relationships is a key to achieving a successful life.



Learn the four steps you can take to build healthy relationships in your family and at work. Strengthen your network of contacts and see opportunities open up that you never thought possible.

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In the Building Winning Relationships course you will learn:


  • The 4 steps to build strong, healthy relationships

  • The ONE thing you can do to turn around any relationship

  • The power of responding

  • The consequences of blame

  • The power of service

  • How to develop the good in others

  • And much, much, more!


Building Winning Relationships can be delivered in a 40 minute keynote up to a half-day workshop. Ziglar Legacy workshops are designed to be fully engaging with just the perfect blend of teaching and group activities to insure that what is learned in class actually gets used at work and at home.

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